Winncare delivered room covering system to a new intensive care unit (ICU) and respirations center VEST 46 at Skejby Hospital. The hospital is Denmark’s second largest hospital, located in Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus, it is expected that any patient should be treated in a proper way.

The modern hospital suites with single bedroom and bathroom are equipped with ceiling mounted 75mm tracks. Because of the false ceiling the system is suspended 550mm, with our adjustable bracket mounted to the concrete ceiling. This solution makes it very easy for the installation team to work with false ceilings. For all systems we chose a 135mm traverse, to hold up to 275 kg.

For bariatric patients we delivered a room covering system to lift up to 400 kg for some of the hospitals suites, including Scandinavian’s largest bariatric suite with a double traverse, which is almost 6 meters long.

Luna Twin consist of two connected Luna (2-channel) ceiling lifts, that runs in one track. Because of this, the solution mentioned in this case is no longer needed for beriatric patients. Just one travers is needed. The two Luna Twin lifts can also be used apart as two 275 kg lifts, which provides great flexibility in use. If you want to know more about the Luna Twin,

We have also developed a new adjustable bracket solution called AROS. This is used for about 500 rooms at ”The New University Hospital” in Aarhus.


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