n 2013, we delivered room covering systems for 60 apartments in the nursing home Egå, covering bedroom and living area. Because of the construction of the ceiling in the romm, we advised the nursing home to go with a solution with an E-track on one side of the room, a wall mounted 103 mm track at the other and a 135 mm travers. This an excellent example of how versatile our tracksystems is for different types of rooms.

We also delivered room covering system for the wellness area. For that, we chose our ceiling mounted 75 mm track integrated into the ceiling with a 135mm traverse. As a result, we provided perfectly integrated solution, for the main room with high ceiling, where the bathtub is located. In 2015 we developed a new 75 mm track with ”wings” that leaves a much better impression, when the track is embedded.

Read more about the embedded track here


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