Powered turntable

Powered turntable. Four way transfer in one system, powered by luna
Winncare’s new powered turntable is the ideal solution for changing direction in a track intersection.
Powered by the Luna ceiling hoist means no need for seperate power supply.

No-touch system
The automatic system is simple and smart; Simply just push the Luna into the center of the turntable, which after two seconds will be activated by the Luna and automatically start turning.
There are no wires to pull and therefore the carer is able to direct full attention towards the patient’s comfort during transfer.

Smooth and intuitive
The turntable turns smoothly with a minimum of noise. Four LED lights indicate the status of activity; When placing the Luna in the middle of the turntable, the four LEDs will turn from green to red after two seconds, indicating that the system will start turning.

    • The turntable is compatible with Luna 200 or 275 kg, fitted on a bayonet cart with power transfer.

    • The turntable can easily be mounted and implemented in all single track systems and with the right configuration of tracks, it can also be fitted into XY-systems.

    • The powered turntable comes in two variants; One for a single Luna unit and one for multiple units